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Does humy have usage guidelines?

humy Usage Guidelines:
Our goal is to be a platform that brings fans and artists closer than ever before.
In order to make being a fan as rewarding as possible for everyone on humy, we ask that you observe the following guidelines.

Do not:
• Publicly shame or damage the reputation of others
• Post obscene content or images that feature nudity
• Post things which are fraudulent, false, deceptive, misleading, prejudiced, racially discriminatory, hateful, harassing, or supportive of guideline violations
• Engage in or encourage violent or threatening behavior
• Infringe on the patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, copyrights, portrait rights, etc. of others
• Seek romantic relationships with others
• Respond to solicitations for romantic relationships
• Lead people to transactions that take place outside the humy platform
• Engage in behavior that is offensive to public order and morals
• Engage in or encourage illegal behavior