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What's the difference between Premium (paid) members and free members?

Premium members have access to more content and perks than free members.

Free Member Perks
• Participation in online events (one or more per year)
• Ability to view a portion of the artist's posts (shared with all members)
• Ability to like and comment on the artist's posts
...and more!

Premium Perks (paid)
• All free member perks
• Admission ticket draws for fan meetings
• Ticket draws for in-person concerts
• Special videos
• Digital membership card
• Digital greeting cards
• Merch at offline events

Please note:
1. In-person concert tickets are decided by drawing. Entrants are not guaranteed to win.
2. We cannot guarantee that every person who comments will receive likes and replies from the artist.
3. Some perks are not guaranteed to take place during a subscription period.
4. We cannot guarantee that entrants will win tickets for in-person concerts, etc.

Perks are subject to change without notice.