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I can't attach images/videos.

Please note that attaching images/videos can only be done on the app version. If you are unable to attach images/videos on the app version, please confirm the following.

• Your device’s access permissions are set accordingly.
- iPhone
1. Open your device’s Settings, then tap humy > Photos.
2. Allow humy to access your photos.
3. For devices running iOS 14 and newer, you can allow humy to access either selected photos or all photos.

- Android
1. Open your device’s Settings, then tap Apps > humy.
2. Tap Permissions.
3. Allow access to "Photos and videos" and Camera.

• Uploads may fail depending on your internet connection. Please check the strength and stability of your internet connection.

• We support the following file formats.
Video: MP4, MOV, QT, 3GP, M4V, MTS, HEVC, AVI

• Uploads can be a maximum of 100 MB.

• If you have confirmed the above points and are still experiencing issues, please try restarting your device.

*Note for users with Huawei Android devices:
Files on Google Drive cannot selected for attachment.
Please download the file to your device and select the downloaded file for upload.